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Thanks for the invitation; [to the policy list] I will have to decline.On Jan. 15th, my wife gave birth to our twins.

Maggie replied:
Congratulations!! boys? girls? one of each?

To: Maggie
From Rob Goetae
Subject: Re: Having Children
Date: March 01, 1998


Thanks for your messages. Benjamin and Josiah are our fourth and fifth children, actually. We have an almost three-year-old, Brennan, at home with us, and two little ones up in heaven. 

When I was single, a good friend of mine often told me that life changes majorly once one gets married, but even more so once one has children. I have found this to be very true. There has been much joy resulting from both of these changes. We have also had much sorrow as we have dealt with losing two of our children (one stillborn and one miscarried). Wendy and I have walked together through our grief and have a strengthened relationship because of it. 

As my story on our site says, I had not expected to get married. If someone had told me one year prior to our engagement that I would soon be engaged, I would have told them they were crazy. But then "mysterious" - and wonderful - things happened in my friendship with Wendy, leading to engagement, marriage and now children. 

Our sons are a great delight to me and to us. Part of the challenge for me is to be a good father, in light of not having had the kind of role model that I would have wanted myself. Some of this I can learn from friends who are good fathers to their children; some of this I learn from (warning: religious material ahead :-) seeing how my heavenly Father is a good father to me. 

Well, that's all there's time to say now. You can post the above wherever you think useful. 

Rob Goetze

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